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If you own a Goldwing GL1800 and need help with your audio system,  you have come to the right place.  Learn how to improve the sound of your system, or get a broken system up and running again.


When shipping your radio,  please make sure you go to the online store and pay for the service you are requesting, unless you receive instructions from me not to pay until I test your radio, I am receiving an increasing number of radios that I cannot identify. This will also eliminate delays and ensure the fastest turntime possible.

Printing out a copy of the invoice and putting it in the box is always a good idea, or even a piece of paper with a name, email address, and phone number written on it will suffice.  You can go directly to the online store via the tab at the top of every page.

If you are requesting a repair, please enter a brief description of the problem in the comments section when paying for the repair.


Upgrades and Fixes
If you want to check out what services I offer, you can go directly there by clicking this Products and Services link.  Or, continue reading and learn about the history of the Upgrade. You can then click on the Products and Services tab at the top of any page.

Increase the power output and drastically improve the sound quality of your GL1800 Stereo without installing a power amp

If you own a 2001-2005 Goldwing GL1800, and you use the stereo, you are no doubt very disappointed in the sound quality of the stereo Honda gave us.  The internal amplifier is low on power, and high in distortion.  Wind and road noise is annoying, and other riders have trouble hearing you when transmitting on your CB.

I love music, but frankly, I rarely even turned on the stereo for the first few years that I owned my 2002 GL1800. The stock Goldwing stereo is so bad that I simply couldn’t enjoy the music. I would rather have silence. I didn’t want to do an external amp. Storage is already at the premium on a motorcycle, and I use every square inch of it on a trip.  And my CB and tools are in the rear cubby hole. All the options out there would have had an affect on the primary purpose of my bike, which is TOURING! This is not to mention that an external amp would not solve the distortion problem. The amp would just make the audio and the distortion louder.

As an audio technician, I knew that the stereo could sound better, so I put it on the bench  and tried to figure out why it sounded so bad. My only intent was to improve my own radio. But the results of my mod far exceeded anything I expected. After years of reading all the complaints about the stereo that were similar to my own complaint, I decided that this might be something others would be interested in. The response has been phenomenal, and the result is this website.

This may sound like snake oil. But if you read through this site, you will realize that it isn't. There is nothing magical about the upgrade. No smoke and mirrors.  All I do is modify the amp circuitry  to accept a higher quality, higher power amplifier IC with much lower distortion,  the same amp that is used in thousands of high end aftermarket car stereos.  I merely enable the radio to sound the best it can sound.

Owners of 2001 and early 2002 Goldwings, please read.

Most of the 2001 bikes do not need the upgrade, and have been excluded from the upgrade program. These radios already have a high power amplifier in them.

Most of the 2002 bikes DO need the upgrade. But there are a few early ones that do not.  They cannot be identified by the VIN number of the bike.

See this page for info on 2002 radios, and how to identify what you have.


Get your defective 2001-2010 GL1800 audio products repaired

I have been repairing audio equipment professionally for over 30 years. This website started in order to offer upgrades and fixes, but repairs now account for over half of my business. Most Goldwing audio products can be repaired right here for fairly low cost. You don't have to pay $1200 for a new radio or $400 to have Honda fix it.

1.  HEAD UNITS I now take in all GL1800 radios up to the 2010 model year except for airbag models. (The airbag model will require its own special test fixture, which I have not built yet.)

2.  CB   I repair the Clarion CB's that were sold up until about 2007. The newer CB's made by Radio Sound will have to be repaired by Honda. Service information is not available for this model.

3. 2006-2010 external amplifiers  I have begun to search for a supplier for parts for the amp. As of right now,  there is still one unique part needed that is not readily available. I will let announce it when this service is offered.

4. CD changers  I was repairing the changers for awhile. But they are now for the most part considered obsolete because of the popularity of mp3 adapters, and have always been very expensive to repair due to the complexity of the mechanism. Due to a lack of demand, I no longer stock parts to repair changers and have stopped accepting them for repair.

About Me and this Website

I am a fellow Goldwing owner just like you, not some big company with a constant eye on the P&L statement. This website was created due to overwhelming interest in my power amp upgrade by the members of the forums.  My goal is simply to help  fellow Goldwing owners improve their sound systems and help them get their radios repaired without spending a fortune. This isn't work to me. It is doing something that I enjoy.
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